Sword-canes are submitted to regulations, weapons of category D ( aforetime 6th category). For foreign country, be careful to the law of your country. 

For France: 

art. L.2331-1 du Code de la défense

décret n° 2013-700 du 30 juillet 2013.


Sword umbrella

Bayonet system: hold umbrella at the bottom with one hand (on the smooth surface, be careful to the ribs) and hold the handle with your other hand. Do a quarter on the left and pull. So same thing on the other side to close it.

Sword cane

Hold the shaft with one hand, and the handle with your second hand and pull.


The blade is in maraging steel.

What the maraging?

Maraging the alloy is a compound of iron, nickel, cobalt and molybdenum. It is a hardening martensitic alloy with very low carbon content.

Its main properties are:

  • A very high yield,
  • Very good resistance to fatigue,
  • A lack of low temperature brittleness,
  • High resilience compared to a chrome molybdenum steel.

All these combined with complementary properties (physical, chemical or technological) properties allow to get the most for the manufacture of fencing blades.
Indeed, compared with a chrome molybdenum steel with higher carbon content, the "maraging" has many advantages:

  • Due to a high compared to a chrome molybdenum steel resilience, fragility in any violent assaults
  • Lower risk given the fact that during a break, the break does not have to stop projecting,